Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mmmm..... Yummy!!

"How can I put on weight?"
"Try French fries, has loads of calories and fats as well."
Two years ago, one of my friend had adviced me this but, I never tried. Now, looking back I wonder if this is really true. I have my own doubts about this. Seriously! I have been having french fries almost every alternate day since 2-3 months and since 1 month almost each and every day. Its surprising to say I haven't crossed even a pound more than my standard 45( you got it wrong, I m not that slim alright.. Its Kg and not pounds!).

Is there something wrong with the fries which I eat or is it just my genetic component that doesn't allow me to put on weight? I can't fathom though. Whatever it is I don't really bother about anything cuz I just can't stop having them. Hot crispy french fries with tomato ketchup, mmm.. so yummy. Luscious taste, savoring the last bit of them at Mc Donalds, so delightful (getting a bit addicted to Burger king, Mc Donald's and Croft restaurant). I find happiness in such small moments. Forgetting what you are atleast for a while  when you are relishing something that you like, just amazing. My mouth's watering, I wanna have some now.. I have frozen ones in my freezer, can make them in minutes.. So, see you later...


P.S: French fries are not good for health, I know.. will try to cut down.


  1. Shweta, nice to be here in Anuraagadahaadiyalli....through my friend Dr. Guru....(Saagaradaacheya inchara). Hahahah seems U are worried you dont grow DUMMY...hahaha but once U start the porcess,,,no going back..?? mind you... I think U should be happy with this...Saw good posts especially the astronomy...sorts... good luck and hope you grow only as much desired.

  2. @ jalanayana: Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. I am not worried that I would become dummy, I am actually looking forward to it(reasonably fat atleast!)..

  3. Hi Shwetha,
    Dont worry,
    keep going
    take care
    are you doctor? PhD? or MBBS?

  4. Hello Shwetha!!!
    I was underweight to be precise. and i used to hog everything fatty just to become fat. (french fries a fav of me and my girls)lo and presto now i have fat in all the wrong places and it is really tiresome, believe me. earlier i used to travel on work. now i work from home.add to the fact that i am 40+ now. As long as u burn your calories its no problem. genetic or not,do enjoy but pls be careful. Sisterly advice
    malathi S
    (are u the Shwetha T V who is following my blog? if yes thank you.)
    take care

  5. Thanks for your advice malathi akka(is it alright if i call so?) I know, human nature is like that.. we yearn for something lifelong and when we get it we tend to think we were better off it. Anyways its the same girl who is following your blog.. I found this via konkani buddies group on yahoo.. I am a member of that.. Thanks for visiting my blog...