Thursday, 21 August 2014

I am that change!!

"I", Its not just another ordinary alphabet among 26 of them. But it is also one of the most influential letter or word in itself. It has the potential to change any sentence into a positive belief, into a hopeful conviction.

Here's a video I stumbled across facebook recently. I do stumble upon a lot of things on facebook, feel like writing about all of them, but not much time. Not sure why I chose this one, might find out by the end of this post.

Just another reason to fall in love with Allu Arjun. I would be very surprised if an Indian doesn't feel emotional after watching this sweet short film, Truly inspiring in simple terms. (Coming to feeling emotional, I have a lot to say which I ll be writing in another post)

I have always believed, and will continue to believe that India can change for good, but it will only improve when people (by that I mean Indians) change, and not only the politicians .(People with a capital P). When we can enjoy our rights, we have a responsibility to abide by the law and exercise our duty in a well befitted manner.

Some might argue, 'Does it matter if only 'I' change'. Ofcourse, It does! All of us are asking the same question subconsciously in one way or the other, aren't we? (Well, atleast most of them) And how would you know unless you start doing it? All the acts in the short film are such simple things, that we feel so casual about them thinking presuming that its ok to do them. But they are the basic foundation for the corruption. And these simple acts of honesty will eventually lead to a bigger change, a greater revolution and a better India. I am being very optimistic I guess. But, hey! whats there to lose by dreaming?