Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mmmm..... Yummy!!

"How can I put on weight?"
"Try French fries, has loads of calories and fats as well."
Two years ago, one of my friend had adviced me this but, I never tried. Now, looking back I wonder if this is really true. I have my own doubts about this. Seriously! I have been having french fries almost every alternate day since 2-3 months and since 1 month almost each and every day. Its surprising to say I haven't crossed even a pound more than my standard 45( you got it wrong, I m not that slim alright.. Its Kg and not pounds!).

Is there something wrong with the fries which I eat or is it just my genetic component that doesn't allow me to put on weight? I can't fathom though. Whatever it is I don't really bother about anything cuz I just can't stop having them. Hot crispy french fries with tomato ketchup, mmm.. so yummy. Luscious taste, savoring the last bit of them at Mc Donalds, so delightful (getting a bit addicted to Burger king, Mc Donald's and Croft restaurant). I find happiness in such small moments. Forgetting what you are atleast for a while  when you are relishing something that you like, just amazing. My mouth's watering, I wanna have some now.. I have frozen ones in my freezer, can make them in minutes.. So, see you later...


P.S: French fries are not good for health, I know.. will try to cut down.