Saturday, 4 December 2010

Mmmm..... Yummy!!

"How can I put on weight?"
"Try French fries, has loads of calories and fats as well."
Two years ago, one of my friend had adviced me this but, I never tried. Now, looking back I wonder if this is really true. I have my own doubts about this. Seriously! I have been having french fries almost every alternate day since 2-3 months and since 1 month almost each and every day. Its surprising to say I haven't crossed even a pound more than my standard 45( you got it wrong, I m not that slim alright.. Its Kg and not pounds!).

Is there something wrong with the fries which I eat or is it just my genetic component that doesn't allow me to put on weight? I can't fathom though. Whatever it is I don't really bother about anything cuz I just can't stop having them. Hot crispy french fries with tomato ketchup, mmm.. so yummy. Luscious taste, savoring the last bit of them at Mc Donalds, so delightful (getting a bit addicted to Burger king, Mc Donald's and Croft restaurant). I find happiness in such small moments. Forgetting what you are atleast for a while  when you are relishing something that you like, just amazing. My mouth's watering, I wanna have some now.. I have frozen ones in my freezer, can make them in minutes.. So, see you later...


P.S: French fries are not good for health, I know.. will try to cut down.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cut it out!!

Day by day, stress is building up! New job, new place, new faces( hardest part of all is to remember all my patients faces, cuz they look alike)new expectations, new competitions, after a break of almost 7 months. Though, I had to clear my exams and wait for registration and the job, I can frankly say it was more than a short break. Relaxed a bit more, I guess. Completing a part of my exams during my internship didn't add any big advantage than a shorter break. People usually take more than a year when they transit from India to UK as doctors. In that way I was quite lucky. My stay in UK for 7 months didn't fill me in with confidence which the job as such has done.

Initial periods, I sailed through smoothly as not much was expected from me. Its time I regain my form and get accustomed at the earliest. Meanwhile, the problem with me is technology. I think I am insidiously getting addicted to techie. I have account in around 15 websites, doesn't mean I visit all regularly, doesn't mean all are not needed. About half of them are absolutely necessary, rest half, nevertheless needed, must be used in discretion. This is where I am crossing the line. There are these social network sites and the blogs, which I log into almost daily. I know, its just a sheer waste of time, but I was bit more addicted during the break and its taking its toll now. That was the reason I said I won't take the brand new laptop which kiran had presented me with, cuz its hard to take eyes off the laptop. Eventually I had to(too good an offer to resist).

Started, just to know what others are upto when I flew far away from them, now its gone upto viewing the (stupid) videos, scrolling the photos of others, commenting and chasing the statuses and updates, with no end, nothing much constructive. With working for 5 days continuously, scattered on calls and 16 hrs of weekend travels, life s getting busier and busier. There are new targets set, new things to learn, new system to adjust, new goals to acheive. I am really short of time. I have made resolution that I won't be logging onto these sites, checking on friends/others updates. Exceptions being occasionally like once a month or so. The others are living their life and me my own. It is this which matters at the end. So 'no' to frequent visit to social network sites and blogs. I ll just check them once a while. And now, I ll be signing off the blog...

Monday, 22 November 2010

A letter from knowingly unknown

I am heading back, reluctantly (for a short while though). I feel an eerie strangeness about all this. So near yet so far. Just a week or two back I was with you in our small nest, living our life together. But, now I am miles away alone and succumb to the weather I always dreaded (Don’t worry; I have all the precautions taken).

I fully am aware of the day when we had to make another tough decision in our life. Like it or not, ought to make it. You always stood beside my decision, supported me going out of your way. I can never forget that. But, now I reckon is it worth all the sacrifices, all the stresses that we had to go through and still are going through? I don’t think I know the answer yet. Life is taking us in its own course, we have to prioritize our needs and put an end to this before its too late (hope we do).

I wonder how fast the time slips by. Three years… Three long years have passed in such a short while, like a blink. The same three years back, when I met a complete stranger little did I know that I would be blessed with so much love and happiness. How could I? The warmth of your heart, the dearth of your presence lingers around me like in absolution. I am nostalgic about the precious moments we shared, the days we laughed together, days we wept together, little fights we fought, small differences we had, dreams we dreamt together, fantasies we lived together. They are just not memories to remember or to forget, I feel they are intricately embedded in our day to day life.

But, life isn’t so easy. Most of us learn it the hard way. Another day, I am not with you when I am supposed to be. Today is just not another day; it’s the reflection of 365 days of the past year. Although I am not with you in person, I always will be with you mentally, emotionally and psychologically (medicine effect) in the joys and sorrows, with the dawn and dusk, with every twist and turn, life takes us through (for all that I know journey is not smooth enough), until death do us apart.

Sometimes I feel scared to dream big, what if it shatters into pieces in front of my own eyes? Do I have the strength to withstand it? Nevertheless I don’t stop dreaming, do I? We often see couples madly in love before marriage, wanting to do anything and everything for their love and loved ones. What happens to their pledges once they get married? Glad we are not one among them. The main focus of issue is that they take their loved ones for granted after marriage. A relationship rests on the pillars of love, care, trust and respect- mutually given and taken. It’s the intimacy, the little things which brings contentment that matters. It’s the small curve on the face of wife when she sees her husband after an arduous day’s end, the bliss and the glint of appreciation in the eyes of hubby for even a small thing that his wife has put the efforts to do. Everyone knows that whatever it takes, life goes on with or without love, and often they don’t realize is love that makes life beautiful.

Before long, I just want to say the words which I don’t say often than I ought to. And you know those words. I am grateful to god for bestowing me with you. May be there are days when I have hurt you, I didn’t mean to, I will try not to. I know you wouldn’t have these in your mind, but it’s on my part to apologize for all that. I am really sorry for everything. I will try to be better than what I am and what you expect me to be.

Yours always,
P.S: A bit censored though.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Under the sky and above it...

"Roll on, ye stars! exult in youthful prime,
Mark with bright curves the printless steps of time...
Flowers of the sky! ye too to age must yield,
Frail as your silken sisters of the field."
-- Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of the naturalist Charles Darwin)

Last week, I had gone to London with Kiran. He had some exams held in imperial college London in South Kensington. As we had a couple of hours before boarding the train, we thought to have a look around if anythings nearby. Hence, we got into the Science museum which is almost next to the South Kensington tube station exit. Entry is free, only one need to pay for IMAX 3D cinema(can have 2 for 1 offer if travelling to London by train)

Science museum is one of the very exciting places to visit, especially if interested in science. It has fabulous collections of renowned inventions and discoveries. The galleries are very impressive. As we didn’t have much time we just booked the IMAX – HUBBLE 3D.
Amazing, Hubble 3D film was really spectacular. Initially the 3D was quite irksome with flashy pictures so close to the eyes. But once the exact show started, I really started enjoying it. Starting from launching of the Hubble space telescope in 1990 to the servicing missions to the stupendous photos which were taken by the Hubble, its role in expanding the knowledge about the universe, all of it was splendid.

The film mainly concentrated on the servicing mission probably the one in 2008, don’t remember exactly. But it was definitely after the Columbia Disater in 2003 where our Indian born American girl, Kalpana Chawla succumbed in the mission. Narrated by Leonardo de caprio, if not wrong. The anticipation and apprehension of the crew members whilst last minute preparation for flying, the actual take off of the space shuttle, routine inside the shuttle, the big day to meet Hubble, repairing the parts of Hubble, problems and solutions, ultimately the success of the mission in 3D was marvellous. Later there was an introduction sort of the thing into the universe. Starting from our earth, the sun and its planets, , the nearest star, Sirius Major, the Orion and its stars and nebula, origin of new stars and budding solar systems in the nebulae, our milky way, Andromeda, millions of galaxies, and the likes, it takes you through a rollercoaster ride.

Memories came flooding in, good old memories. I wonder how I started liking Astronomy. Was it while I use to sing Twinkle twinkle little star when I was very young, or when I used to spend the nights staring at the millions of stars in the clear sky, or was it when astronomy became part of my studies in high school? Somehow I have always liked astronomy and astrophysics, the latter the less (physics is not my cup of tea though).

Whenever I think of sky and stars, the only person who comes to my mind is Simhadri sir, the person I adore the most. He has a very significant part in improving my knowledge and enhancing my interest in the same. To your surprise, I don’t know what he used to work as. He was husband of Ushadevi miss, who used to teach science in my high school. He used to come to school sometimes to see his wife or pick her up. We, students, used to pester him to take class for us (Hard time getting the classes, which were supposed to take place, cancelled). But he was always ready to teach us what he knows, great inspirer as well. He thought us about the planets, the stars, how to look for them in the sky, when to look, how to recognize. I learnt to identify the Orion constellation with its stars (Regel, Betelguese,etc), Sirius Major and Minor, Ursa Major constellation, the planets like Venus and Mars. They are all my friends now and I do talk to them (Nope, I haven’t lost my mind or have I?). I have great pleasure in showing them to others.

My school also has some role to play. They have taken me to Nehru Planetorium about 4-5 times, to Sir M Vishveshwaraiah museum a couple of times, both in Bangalore( doesn’t mean that I remember much). They had organised sky viewing in school with the help of Nehru planetarium staff. They had mounted a telescope in the terrace of school and we had looked through it the planets like venus, mars, Jupiter with 4 galilean satellites and Saturn, nice experience.

But all the interest started fading when I finished my schooling, as the sources of input were blocked. Though, I read from Britannica encyclopaedias in library during 1st PU, dropped everything when I started 2 PU, succumbing to tight schedule of classes, tuitions and studies. Still wonder why I didn’t take up a career in Astro.. 

Ok guys, Coming back to reality, IMAX was the only thing we could see in detail. The time passed by and we had to leave the science museum. It takes at least a day to completely explore the museum. Anyways I am planning to go back again when possible.

Sorry for writing such a lengthy blog. Here are some photos which I like..

Shuttle mission STS-31 lifts off, carrying Hubble into orbit.

Hubble Space Telescope

Our family- The Solar System

Moon at its work

My favorite planet Venus- image from Mariner 10

Venus Volcanic Domes

Here is the Sojourner rover from Mars Pathfinder, testing its wheels on the surface

One of the 4 Galilean satellites- IO

One of the 4 Galilean satellites- Ganymede

One of the 4 Galilean satellites- Europa

Surface of Europa- Artists imagination

One of the 4 Galilean satellites- Callisto

Surface of Callisto

 Black Hole left after Supernova explosion emitting pulsar

Supernova- White dwarf accreting matter from its companion before explosion

Pinwheel galaxy

Ring Galaxy

Our own nest- The Milky Way

Our neighbor- Andromeda

Orion Constellation

Orion Nebula

Horsehead Nebula- easiest one

Nebulae- Birth place of stars

Hourglass Nebula

Cats paw Nebula

Butterfly Nebula- most beautiful one

One of Hubble's most famous images, pillars of Eagle Nebula

Hubble Space Telescope image of N90 star forming region in the Small Magellanic Cloud


Millions of Galaxies- in the eye of hubble
 - S
"For a breeze of morning moves,
         And the planet of love is on high,
Beginning to faint in the light that she loves
         On a bed of daffodil sky,
To faint in the light of the sun she loves,
         To faint in his light, and to die."
-- Tennyson, "Maud"

P S: Thanks to google for the images and to all the people behind it