Friday, 1 July 2016

Mocking Jay- Review

‘Very disappointed’. I am surprised that I gave 2 stars. Usually I tend to be liberal with my reviews, or have I become more conservative with the increase in number of books I am reading. This one certainly didn’t live up to my expectation of Grand finale. Is it because I miss old peeta so much? Is it because it made me hate Katniss more than ever? Or Am I being too judgemental?

I had a really hard time understanding what was happening. Well, that’s not totally unpredictable considering my inability to read in between the lines (I am working on it, really!). But the writing is not up to the mark with it being quite chaotic, repetitive and unsatisfying even. The story line which I thought would be riveting is only fair at the most. I am sure Suzanne Collins could do better.

The first book was marvellous, really amazing! What a gripping tale, strong almost strong characters. I loved each and every one including Gale and Katniss despite me being the one for ‘Team Peeta’. The second book made me adore Peeta, lost a little confidence with Katniss, but overall was a reasonable read.

There was such a good plot, so much hype and build up for something great to be discovered, but I felt utterly let down by the 3 rd book. Except for few scenarios here and there, Katniss is adrift in the realms of self-loathing and self-pity, throughout the book. This is not the Katniss we were introduced to in ‘The Hunger games’. Many of the scenes are so lame if I can call that. May be I am too old to be reading teenage stuff, but still I thought that they deserve better. The ending is exactly what I Imagined wanted it to be when I finished the first book. Nevertheless I am far from being content. Because the ending seems so incongruent and unreasonable. Well, in my view this Mocking Jay didn’t deserve neither Gale nor Peeta.

I actually want to rant about what all I would like to change in the story, but that would be showing too much spoilers there. (Hint: Lot less killing and of course, complete makeover of Katniss’s attitude towards others and herself). OK, fine, I will just stop now with one more line. It’s Ok, but it could be better.