Friday, 19 August 2011

To Sev with love..

I always had a soft corner for Severus, since the first book, since the first encounter, long before the deathly hallows. I think I knew that behind his strange demeanour, despite the uncouthness, there would (must) be an untold story of love and hatred, sense of longing long lost in the pursuit of power and superiority. Most of it, i would like to think, came from the abomination, the hostility with which he spent his childhood and adolescence, which made him edge towards the wrong path.

Certainly, he did realise his mistake, although he was too late. Afterall, remorse cleared him off the misdeeds and was willing to make up for it. No matter if its wizarding world or the muggle world, LOVE is the magic word, the word which heals all the pain, shows us the right path and leads us onto thus. Not to forget, it also usher us to fight wars and kill people. Severus said he could do anything for his love (He loved Lily for nearly all his life and he loved her alone, none else. Eventhough he knew she can not be his, he only desired for her safety. Her presence is all he needed. It was enough that he knew he loved her, no matter if she even cared about him).

I owe him, my deepest respect and love for his sheer act of bravery and the long lasting love. At the end, Harry says that Severus is the bravest man he has ever seen, I completely agree with him...

P.S: Joanne made me fall in love with wizarding world and all the characters in there. I know its weird to write about Severus Snape of all, but I think its one the beautiful characters she has created, nevertheless less talked about.