Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cut it out!!

Day by day, stress is building up! New job, new place, new faces( hardest part of all is to remember all my patients faces, cuz they look alike)new expectations, new competitions, after a break of almost 7 months. Though, I had to clear my exams and wait for registration and the job, I can frankly say it was more than a short break. Relaxed a bit more, I guess. Completing a part of my exams during my internship didn't add any big advantage than a shorter break. People usually take more than a year when they transit from India to UK as doctors. In that way I was quite lucky. My stay in UK for 7 months didn't fill me in with confidence which the job as such has done.

Initial periods, I sailed through smoothly as not much was expected from me. Its time I regain my form and get accustomed at the earliest. Meanwhile, the problem with me is technology. I think I am insidiously getting addicted to techie. I have account in around 15 websites, doesn't mean I visit all regularly, doesn't mean all are not needed. About half of them are absolutely necessary, rest half, nevertheless needed, must be used in discretion. This is where I am crossing the line. There are these social network sites and the blogs, which I log into almost daily. I know, its just a sheer waste of time, but I was bit more addicted during the break and its taking its toll now. That was the reason I said I won't take the brand new laptop which kiran had presented me with, cuz its hard to take eyes off the laptop. Eventually I had to(too good an offer to resist).

Started, just to know what others are upto when I flew far away from them, now its gone upto viewing the (stupid) videos, scrolling the photos of others, commenting and chasing the statuses and updates, with no end, nothing much constructive. With working for 5 days continuously, scattered on calls and 16 hrs of weekend travels, life s getting busier and busier. There are new targets set, new things to learn, new system to adjust, new goals to acheive. I am really short of time. I have made resolution that I won't be logging onto these sites, checking on friends/others updates. Exceptions being occasionally like once a month or so. The others are living their life and me my own. It is this which matters at the end. So 'no' to frequent visit to social network sites and blogs. I ll just check them once a while. And now, I ll be signing off the blog...


  1. Shwetha,

    good one

    Experience changes our life.

    Only time can tell us right.

    Wish you good luck for your job.


  2. @ Guru:So true..
    Thanks for the wish and the advice:)