Monday, 23 July 2012

Back again!

WoW!! Its been so long since I was back on my blog. It seems like ages, infact, I haven't posted anything for a year now. I feel so bad :(

 Was I so busy? Feels like my little child has been lost amidst all the life's turns and twists and thats not looking good. I have been very busy with all the interesting and not so interesting things happening in my life that I have so less time for myself. Life goes on with or without anything. Its like the saying, 'Time and tide wait for none'. Same is with life, it waits for nobody. We just need to make sure we get the most of it.Make ourselves a little spare time for the things that we care about, things that we wish to do. Or else, life would be like a black and white movie minus all the spice and colour.

I have not been well for weeks now, hopefully it will get better by day. Also I am changing my rotation from a superbusy Gastromedicine posting to almost superbusy Paediatrics in August, which is not going to make things any better. (How I wish that my last statement will turn out to be false). Sometimes when I come home, I feel so tired. I just want to go back to my bed and sleep for England.

Well, enough of my yapping now. I am back blogging, and I hope I ll keep this child safe and sound from now onwards. Another thing, I havent betrayed all the bloggers whom I follow. I have been reading all your posts, though not able to comment. Google reader is to blame. There is no place to comment on the google reader. I ts very easy to read all the blogs while I am checking my mail. I dont have to open the blog. Its shows all the new posts which I have not read yet. Only disadvantage is I cannot comment. Now that I have restarted, should be able to keep in touch with all of you and hope you will too.

Bye for now,