Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bye-bye 2014 and Hello 2015!!

Well, another year is gone and has brought a new gift packed  365 day book, which we can utilise to our desire. This is the time of year when we tend to reflect about what happened in the last year and what we could have changed, but didn't; what could be improved upon and how we can do it this year, don't we? Yup!! I am doing the same for the last 1 week. I won't tire you with all my past failures and successes, but will leave this post for the plans for this year. I had some resolutions for the year 2012, but didn't follow them through. I didn't have any for 2013, still did few of them without even realising that they were the resolutions of 2012. And so I have  found out that I am rubbish at sticking to my resolutions. Nevertheless, here comes the plans for this new year 2015. These are not just resolutions, but my plans for the next few years and what I need to do from now. I am sharing it here, so that will be one of the reasons I am going to stick to them this year.

I have been doing some research regarding new year resolutions and how to make them so I can stick to them. I have found some good advise on the internet (mainly Addicted to and Ted website). These points are worth taken into consideration.

1) Goals matter- Choose a goal that is important to you rather than an easy win or just because someone else is doing it.
2) Break them- main long term goals, short term goals and daily/weekly goals- and these should be interlinked in a way that daily goals should lead to short term goals and then inturn help you achieve your longterm goals
3) Goals / success criteria have to be clear cut- SMART (Specific, measurable, attainable, reproducible and time bound)
4) Frame your goals positively
5) Visualise yourself succeed
6) Do one at a time
7) Prepare for failure (Nothing wrong in failing occasionally but that should be a stepping stone for the next success than sulking about it and forgetting the whole process)
8) Focus on the process, not the outcome
9) Reward yourself
10) Last but not the least, have fun and know in your heart that you CAN do it.

Lets get to the resolutions then, eh? I have broken them into categories- Career/ work related, Personal and Others, just for sake of ease.


I won't bore you to death with these. I will be succinct. In 3-4 years, I am going to finish my general practice training for which I need to have completed- AKT/ CSA/ Audit (abbreviations are related to my exams). And my weekly goal is- 2 hours for self study, 1 hour for e-portfolio and 1 hour for extras. (Don't have to worry much about them, they will be accomplished without much fuss. I always get them done, trouble is with personal ones)


In the last year I have been through a lot of stress and that has made me less productive, and often I have been resorting to low mood and being frustrated. Overall it has turned me into a 'not so' nice person to be with ( I was once a genuinely nice person, as commented by others). These are some of the lessons I have learnt and will try to put them in everyday and will work towards building a good relationship with myself and others as well.

Be happy- life is short for stress/ vengeance / hatred.
Live in the moment
Be grateful for the things you have in your life
Love all despite their nuances- after all they are human beings
Forgive and forget
Let go of past and make peace with present
Think positively
Patience and kindness is a virtue- speak softly, gently, no point in getting frustrated or angry over things you can't control. (If you can control them, you know what to do)
Beware! children learn from you

These are quite subjective and I will try to keep them in mind every day of my life as I do believe in them. On a bigger note, I have been following lots of motivational websites, Ted talks and I want to consciously live and improve my life. So I am going to follow few of the advise from there.


My biggest challenge is to wake up at 5 am (or 5:30 at the least) and do something productive in the morning. I have always been a night owl, but I think I would benefit from being a morning person. And I have planned the morning with 20-20-20. That is 20 min of exercise/ meditation, 20min of planning for the day and 20 min for motivational reading/ Ted talks.


Again with 20-20-20. 20 min of reading or writing, 20min of To do list for next day and 20 min of general reflection and gratitude.


I hardly write these days, even in my diary, If i get an entry in my diary once a month thats quite significant. I need to write more, even if its about mundane things, its OK. Plan is for 1 article per week (mostly in my diary, so don't be much hopeful of my blog being filled with posts).


I have also lost touch with reading, I have read- 5 books last year which i know is pathetic. It has been very difficult, but we need to make time for what we care. So I have to read 1 book a month and by the end of this year I should have read at least 12 books.



I need to enrol my daughter in swimming classes this year. She will turn 2 this February. She should have been started early, but at least by the end of this year  she should have started the lessons. I think it is one the very essential skills of life.


I have been planning to learn a new language for a while, but didn't take it further. This year I have planned to learn Spanish, websites been looked at, I have bought CD and books and I have a partner in crime. So its fully geared this year. But I do know to start slow. So the first month is to learn 40 words (10 words per week) and then gradually increase. Outcome at the end of the year- I should be able to say simple sentences in Spanish, and be able to understand most of it.


How can I forget health being a doctor? So I have included 20 min exercise/ meditation in the 5 am club, but will also learn Yoga/Zumba this year (I have a partner in crime for this as well, we are fully motivated this year)

So, Here it is 2015 as visualised by me, to be a new and better me. I know there are lots of them and might be difficult to keep all of them going. But I am hopeful. Cheers to 2015 with lots of hopes and faith! Happy new year to all of you!!