Sunday, 27 February 2011

A journey on train!

Travelling is always fun and exciting. When I say I love travelling, it doesnot necessarily mean that I like to travel to different places, visit exotic locations, meet differently indifferent people. Its just the moments when I am on moving, I relish each and every minute, enjoy the little differences in the same routine, going on in the train and outside it. The silhouettes across the window sill, daily chores of the countryside, the faraway houses and farms and the sea and the people, always make me wonder, the world is such a beautiful place to live. Although I would be on the train/bus, my mind would go dancing around, with the heart singing aloud with the mesmerizing beauty. Its not perfect, but yet its so normal, so alike back home. Everything makes me feel that I belong here, this is my home at the moment, I am not an alien anymore.

I usually spend around 14 hours every weekend in my beloved train. I eat, drink, sleep, read, write, do everything while I am on the train. Even this post is written while I am onboard. This is a little tribute to the lovely train which takes me to the place I love and brings me back home safe and soon. 

Here it comes, with the whistling sound,
My little train,  comes jolting around
With only 3 coaches, painted red, white and blue,
Running miles ahead, leaving behind misty hue.

Green grass and tall trees, moving quite fast,
Cutting castles in ruins and the shadows they cast
Stream running  close with water so pure
Is that a fish in there? I am not so sure

Kids always kids, making a mess!
Noise they make, Is that any less?
Man in the corner, looks so serene
With crosswords and puzzles, training his brain.

Child next to me with voice very sweet,
Each and every word, he would repeat;
Girl over there, in her novel she's engrossed
In the dreams of the pages, I think she's lost

Rain drops like dew, making weird shapes
Clouds all grey, with fog over the capes
Can't predict the weather, with rain pitter-patter
Its too cold, please close the shutter.

Next moment sun's glaring at you
Oh! have to wait, we are in a queue.
Crossings, I know would cause much delay,
But please go on time atleast today.

Just like a blink, time flies away
The end indeed, is not far away
Travelling always is a blitheful bliss
Fun and all fun when nothing's amiss.

My stop has arrived, the place I dwell
With a heart so heavy I bid farewell
I can't stay forever, you ought to know
You'd always have a place in my heart, I need not show.


( The poem is about mainly south west trains, but the photo is my favourite yet a bit stupid, grand central trains)

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