Sunday, 1 November 2015

Weekend Oncalls!!- IaminworkJeremy

Days roll and nights come, winter breeze and sun that's hot,
Weekdays and weekends, the difference that I know not;
For the doctor I am, busy saving lives so,
Bliss in I was, doing the best job on earth, I know.

I do work 24X7 already, Dear Jeremy thinks I don't,
Well! what does he know to be in our shoes, that he won't,
Prioritise that i do, who should I see first,
Lives that we heal while hiding our needs that we must.

Little old lady, who fell off the stairs and broke her hip or
The girl who is so sick, she is scoring NEWS which is way more
Or the young fella who has overdosed and lying in the shiver
And the man who is bleeding everywhere as he has damaged his liver

All of those are mine, and I tend them with care and my heart
Wish my job would be so much easy, if staffing were not always short
Green eyes I do have, when I see others enjoying the weekends
Hardly see my family while trying to meet the ends

I am in work Jeremy, weekends or weekdays,
I don't care that you think saturdays are mondays,
But I do want my pay, coz I have worked very hard so,
And I still do, and always try to be the best I know.


P.C: Thanks Dimple for asking me to write poem and shruthi for the topic!! And Vaidu, next one will be for you!!

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